Past events


EcoDaLLi tailored local and regional Danube stakeholders workshops

The EU-funded Horizon Europe EcoDaLLi Project tailored stakeholder workshops have taken place in on-site, hybrid and online formats, targeting local and regional actors from Upper, Middle, Lower and Delta Danube regions and Black Sea area, to discuss on the important topic that this project focuses on: to centralise Danube governance structures in terms of innovative solutions for improved ecological restoration, protection and preservation of the Danube basin, Danube Delta and Black Sea region. These workshops brought together stakeholders from business, academia, governance and civil society. Splitted in 3 working groups on each session, divided by the Mission Ocean main topics:
• Ecosystem Restoration for increased Biodiversity and Resilience
• Reduction or elimination of Water Pollution
• Circularity, Blue Economy and Decarbonisation Actions

Attendees discussed needs, challenges, interlinkages and gaps between local and regional restoration strategies, and the EU level framework focused on the main Mission Ocean and Mission Charter target for 2030: restoring marine and freshwater ecosystems. Stakeholders brainstormed ideas to enable a more effective governance to support the implementation of the Danube Lighthouse, spatial policies that integrate Ecosystem-Based approaches, in preparation for the EcoDaLLi Living Labs on:
• Danube Innovation Ecosystem
• Climate Change
• Water Systems

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